Ending Premature Ejaculation And Increase Your Libido

Are you tired of your inability to take longer during sex? Do you feel embarrassed because of your inability to satisfy your partner? You are not alone because there are many men like you who are looking for the perfect solution to stop premature ejaculation. In fact, a survey reveals that over 70% of men suffer from this problem during their lives. There is a belief among people that the cause of premature ejaculation is the hypersensitivity of the penis, but it is far from true.

The main factors are lack of experience and anxiety. Those who have not enjoyed physical intimacy with the opposite sex very much, can reach orgasm too quickly into having sex. Another factor is anxiety, which is very high among those with premature ejaculation. When you increase your libido, you feel happier? If yes, then where does anxiety because having sex make you very happy. In addition, the thought of premature ejaculation is also disturbing and present in your mind.

When you prepare to have sex, you've probably increased your libido, but the trick is not to be tense. When you're tense, you end up doing things the same way and you face the same fate. If you want to end premature ejaculation, it is important to understand that you need to control your mind. The key lies in achieving a relaxed and everything will fall into place perfectly. Inexperienced men should be more relaxed in their intercourse to last longer. If you feel you reach the climax, stop and wait until the sensation has ceased. Take a deep breath and relax and when you are at ease again.

The method described above is called "technical stop and resume '. It is the most commonly used to stop premature ejaculation. The moment you realize you will lose control, stop and wait a few seconds. It is not easy because you have to deprive you of the most exciting moment of sex, but he must master the technique by practicing on a regular basis. You can also remove your penis when you are at an extreme level and wear a condom. The thick layer of condoms cause less sensation and you will last longer.

Masturbate before having sex is the easiest way to stop premature ejaculation. It is easy to increase your libido and ejaculatory orgasm. Therefore, the act of masturbating before intercourse, make sure you are more relaxed and that you will take longer in bed and get the ultimate satisfaction during sexual intercourse.

Everything is in the ear

Have you noticed that handles many of our eyes and our ears much less? Yet the role of the ear is important because all matter is vibration. Sound vibrations that we can consciously hear, are simply those of a particular frequency - or velocity - which resonates with our ears. Dr. Tomatis has made us realize that the ear is not simply a collection of external information. It is an intrinsic and essential part of development and functioning of the brain and nervous system. As the body crucial senses, the ear is orchestrated and controlled by the central nervous system. The ear is both an organ and is part of the central nervous system.

As such, it has a remarkable degree of involvement with cranial nerves: the nerves that come directly from the cranium through openings separate. In fact, the ear has been called "the Rome of the body" because almost all of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves - the numbers 2 through 11 - are more or less connected to the ear. Pairs of 5th and 8th cranial nerves communicate with the external ear and the brain can then alert all the intrinsic muscles in his ear that will happen. The eardrum is connected to a special information network so that it does in no If the visitor to decide about his good looks.

First there is the vagus nerve (10th cranial nerve, called the "wave" as a vagrant). It is a very important way of communication between different parts of the body. The small branch of the vagus nerve that passes through the eardrum may seem incidental, except that it means that the ear is involved in the many roles of the vagus nerve. In the throat, it communicates with the 9th cranial nerve, the glossopharyngeal nerve, and shares the responsibility of the speech mechanism (movement of the tongue and throat.) The tympanum is connected to the system that allows communication.

Then the vagus nerve starts in contact with the spinal accessory nerve (or 11th cranial nerve) that allows the transfer of messages to the spine and postural muscles. The eardrum has knowledge of the appearance and body image to the outside.

Then the vagus nerve follows its course down to innervate the bronchi and heart (he supplies them with nerves), so the breathing and vital needs of the system are within earshot of this brave man at the reception - the eardrum ! Finally, after joining the vagus contrast, he plunges through the diaphragm and connects to all the viscera - the lining of the intestinal tract of the esophagus to the anus. He also exchanged information with the passage of three sacral nerves at the root of the spine.

This means that there is very little need for the body (breathing, digestion, posture, heart rate) whose eardrum is not informed. Its decision on whether to admit her or not, as you can see, is not made without extensive consultation.

The sounds will therefore require the eardrum to move, more or less tender and the infinitesimal motion, the eardrum will massage the vagus nerve, and thereby have an impact on your whole metabolism. If your massage is too strong, you will come out bruised. If instead the massage is gentle and harmonious, you will feel good, not only in your ears but your whole body.

It is the purpose of listening programs of Sound Therapy. This is also why the side effects of this listening can be many: lower cholesterol, improve diabetes, recovery of posture, normalization of heart rate, ... That's because sound appropriate will massage your vagus nerve in the direction of hair! And what could be more pleasant than to improve their health by listening to music wherever you want and whenever you want!

How To Find A Good Dentist

For the latter, hiking to the dentist was akin to medieval torture. Despite the fact that those days are gone, many of us still wants to refrain from visiting the dentist. But each of us understands we can not trust any doctor. It is therefore very important to choose a good dentist especially among dentists in Laval!

Let's start with the choice of clinic. You must consider the quality of services and a complete set of documents:

1) the license;

2) certificates, which certify the qualifications of staff;

3) the list of services in print, indicating the equipment and materials, and prices for services;

4) additional documents and awards.

Unfortunately, despite the expensive equipment and materials, even in a fairly prestigious clinic, you can meet doctors who lack the skills and abilities and who are still using the old methods of work. Therefore safely be interested in the qualifications, professional experience, awards and certificates. And best of all - as mentioned above - just go to the doctor, that we recommend. At present the wealth of competition for the choice is so vast that you can change doctors and choose the one that provides dental services not only high quality but also sufficiently valid and appropriate. For the sake of a good doctor should be every six months to go to the other side of town - do not be lazy, it's a guarantee that your teeth will be in order, and doctor visits will be reduced at least twice a year.

It is also important to receive information mainly from the administrator and also doctors who should be ready to answer your questions. You can also use the telephone line from the clinic to provide any necessary information you need, whether the institution or physicians.

In the clinic, your full support, on either the safety or health is very important. Hygiene and provision of a written guarantee for dental services must be met (on average, such a guarantee is given for one year). He must also pay attention to compliance with the doctor and assistants as well as sanitary and epidemiological treatment (présencede masks, gloves, disinfectants, cleaning the room, sterile instruments) the presence of a radiological device.

Do not forget the importance of materials to be used to treat your teeth. Also take into account the timetable of the physician, ethics and codes of practice, not to mention personal hygiene products.

And finally, a good doctor does not hurry, it assesses the scope of work in advance, taking into account the time of admission, and more likely to delay further proceedings until the next time, what would bother waving a hand in your mouth, and adding another card.

You can find all these qualities in Laval dentists who are represented on our site.

Liver pain?

Manage your stress

Stress is a terribly debilitating condition that literally drains the last drop of energy and vitality, playing an active role in many of the potentially fatal problems such as heart attacks. So when you fight against stress to combat lack of energy, it is certainly not the most important reason for doing so.

The basic idea behind most of the strategies is that stress occurs because of a situation or scenario leading you to be unhappy or uncomfortable psychologically, which aggravates your chronic fatigue syndrome. It is often characterized as the modern version of the reaction to danger or threat understood by our cavemen ancestors. This in turn means that if you learn to react to external stimuli more positively, stress and its negative effects on your psychological well-being (and ultimately physical) will be minimized or eliminated forever.

So, in theory, manage stress is something you should learn. And there are several recognized ways to do so.

The first strategy you might consider is hypnotherapy, medical version of hypnosis.

There is a good degree of mystery attached to how hypnosis works and why in a hypnotic trance, the hypnotherapist is able to communicate directly with the subconscious of the subject.

The value of hypnosis is that when you reach adulthood, the way you react to specific situations is almost always a subconscious reaction, something that you do not.

To better understand the concept of hypnosis, think of it this way.

A newborn is a blank page. He has learned nothing about the world. Thus, if an unbalanced load in head first, brandishing an ax, a new look probably born with a mild amusement.

If, instead, to a certain age, you are going to fight or (more likely) to run the other way, because it is a conditioned response that you have gained over the years. And these reactions come from the subconscious.

This is where hypnosis can help you cope with situations or scenarios positively. Managing stress can help you combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Youtube And Self harm

According to a study published Monday in Pediatrics from 2002 to 2010, the videos that show teenagers being mutilate are very popular and could easily trigger this behavior in young fragile psychologically.

Just look for a few seconds on Youtube and there are lots of videos of people being self-harm using razor blades or other objects. The videos are often accompanied by detailed photos mixed with romantic pictures on a background of rock or sentimental.

According to the report's author, psychologist Canadian Stephen Lewis, the videos can inspire many young people. Lewis and his colleague have found more than 5,000 videos on Youtube of self-harm. The videos are only a deterrent fraction of the lot. For their report, they chose 100 most popular videos. They had been viewed more than two million times each and have generated lots of comments.

According to the researchers, parents and professionals should be alert to this phenomenon and understand that these videos may run counter to its work with adolescents. For these reasons, the two professors ask YouTube to include opportunities for assistance in the form of bonds or other videos, video self-harm.
A spokesman for YouTube said they would see what is technically possible to do in these cases. Youtube has a fairly strict policy regarding videos of dangerous behavior. These are generally reported. It should be noted his age to see the video (or do a login from his account). The most violent videos are usually removed by Youtube.

According to Lewis, 14% to 24% of youth have tried self-harm at least once. Young people are generally 14 to 25 years and most are girls (95% of the cases studied were girls). The method of self-harm is generally the most popular to cut.

Therapists and parents should be aware of the strength with which YouTube can inspire these young people. Similarly, parents should not hesitate to talk with their children about it. Be careful: if your child consistently wears long sleeves, in clothes that cover the whole body in summer and winter, this may be a sign of self-injury practice. Then feel free not to treat the subject.

The goal of self-harm is not suicide. The young do not usually cut deep enough for that, although this may happen by accident. Young people who self-harm usually suffer from anger, sadness, depression or other emotional problems and do not possess the psychological tools necessary to manage the situation and their emotions.

The vidoes can become trigger this behavior, but they can also be a help: the fact that the phenomenon is a subject of debate and open office rather than something you hide in secret can be a solution to the problem. A two-edged sword, it will say.

History Of Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery procedures are very common nowadays. More and more people from all backgrounds have recourse, either to improve their appearance or to correct physical deformities. You've probably heard of anyone, whether a celebrity or someone you know who has used plastic surgery. Perhaps you are thinking about yourself. But have you ever wondered when and how plastic surgery was invented?

You may be surprised to learn that the first forms of plastic surgeries were born during antiquity. In India, practiced first skin grafts, which were used to block the holes left by the amputated nose. A little later, Indians and Egyptians were already practicing reconstruction operations nose, ears and lips, using skin harvested from the forehead or cheeks. Greeks and Romans wrote many texts describing the cosmetic surgery they were already practicing with specific methods and complex.

Plastic surgery has evolved and improved from that moment, and it was perceived in different ways at different times. In the Middle Ages, for example, The Church opposes any change in the human body and tries to prevent surgery. During the Renaissance, texts and knowledge of antiquity were rediscovered, and plastic surgery is experiencing a resurgence. In days that followed, more and more people are becoming surgeons, instruments and techniques are beginning to improve, and the types of interventions to increase. However, these interventions do not always meet the expected success, and plastic surgery is still frequently criticized.

The First World War created a need that will allow plastic surgery to be perceived positively by its opponents. Indeed, given the large number of soldiers wounded in the face, several reconstructive surgeries to be performed. The surgeons are organized and specialized care for the disabled soldiers, and plastic surgery techniques are improving more and more.

After the War, societies of plastic surgeons are created, and magazines are published in order to share their knowledge and progress. The Second World War created new requirements for interventions on wounded soldiers. People are then more and more confident in his surgery and advanced techniques to treat physical deformities present from birth or caused by injury or disease.

Today, although still criticized by some, plastic surgery is increasingly popular and increasingly accessible. It is more than a way to correct deformities, but also a way to improve physical appearance. Everyone is free to choose to use a plastic surgeon to correct flaws that complexed, or enhance its beauty by trying to get a little of the image projected by celebrities and models. It goes without saying that plastic surgery is here to stay, and its techniques and instruments will only be more perfect time.

When Is The Right Psycho

According to experts, up to 10% of heads have psychopathic traits. Psychopaths terrorizing their subordinates, and if your leader is a person like that, you only have one thing to do: run away!

It may seem difficult to identify the problem, but all of a sudden, things are happening that you no longer understand: the arrangements, that you understood as clear and simple are apparently no longer valid. Colleagues are pitted against each other. At one point, you're the darling, the next moment you are demolished. All that was left up to the system unpredictable. The anxiety and insecurity become part of everyday in the workplace.

That tells you something?

If yes, this means that maybe your boss is psycho.

The headhunter Sweden, Lars-Olof Tunbraa, wrote a book on the topic: "The heads psychopaths, just as dangerous as they are charming." In this book, you can read a whole series of stories of leaders who manipulate and destroy the workplace where they are.

One can, fortunately, also find good information on how we identify psychopaths and how they're released.

Charm to the horror
There are many examples of capable and competent employees disappearing from one place of employment simply because it was tainted by a head impossible.

If you look at the descriptions of these leaders, we are forced to admit that they are very similar. These leaders we are described as people who manipulate, threaten and frighten people. The employee handled sees suddenly the head grab the honor of his work or the results of its work.

In general, understands (there are no reliable statistics) about 2% or 3% of the population of psychopathic tendencies.

This number is considered to be at least twice between the leaders, because psychopaths are attracted by power and domination. Furthermore, many psychopaths are very mathematical / logical and so they have good results in tests and materials needed that lead to these positions.

The personality of the psychopath is ambivalent. He is charming and positive as he considers an employee as being useful but it becomes hateful and hate when that employee is or becomes a more interesting opponent or competitor. Several years may pass before we see what side of the personality and it may take a while before one understands that it is impossible to change the situation.

Psychic scars
The qualities of a good leader are, in large part the same as those that describe a psychopath, who, by cons, lack of emotional intelligence. In other words: The psychopath is unable to feel guilt and unable to understand the feelings of others.

These are often very intelligent people with high IQ. But handling them knows no bounds. A leader must of course be able to come into conflict. But if he is unable to be considerate towards others, it starts to become dangerous. The sum of these behaviors, seen in a period of time, which reveals the hidden sides of the person: The need for control, manipulation, irritability, aggressiveness ...

The consequences of having a chief psychopath can be catastrophic.

They create chaos and significantly decrease performance. All those who come into contact with a psychopath fare with major psychic scars. It is therefore important that occupational health and unions recognize and understand the situation. People with these traits have nothing to do on a workplace.
It is important to inform about this problem. There are many more leaders psychopaths as people think. When I describe what kind of people, the reactions are very often: - Well! And I'm the only one having this problem.

Usually we have a positive view of others. It is said that the other would not make what we could not imagine. So, we say that when the leader does what he does, it is certainly not on purpose. They refuse to see it. We thought that was probably our fault. We feel guilty.

According to unofficial statistics that can be found on the market (particularly Scandinavian), it is estimated that the disease affects one count of ten. Among those, about half of them are so limited that they would be judged as a complete psychopath ... if we had the opportunity to pass their tests.

Once psychopath psychopath always
Nothing suggests that there are more psychopaths than before. If the problem comes in front of the stage, it's because we live in a world where selfish people are rewarded by the admiration and leader positions.

Moreover, psychopathy has always been a taboo subject.

Many psychologists have difficulty accepting that there are some irreversible damage. French culture is too ingrained in the idea that there is a reason for all problems (usually found in childhood) and it is true that for 90% of the population, is to start effective therapy solves the problem. But that will not change a psychopath. They do not change. They never change.

Find something else ... Quick!

But what then, if the head behaves like a psychopath?

There is one thing to do: Take her and his cliques and claques disappear ... As soon as possible.

We can not resolve this conflict, simply because we do no responsibility. The best thing to do is leave this place and find another job as quickly as possible.

If you do get help from your colleagues, you are mistaken.

In the interviews that were done on the subject, we can see that these leaders provide their backsides. Colleagues are often under the spell of manipulative leader. It is difficult to be understood by others because the scope of the problem is not well known.

If you can not leave his place right away, be careful about certain things.
The most important thing is not to meet challenges and avoid conflict. Note that it is normal to feel guilty. Most people who had contact with someone bothered with problems of guilt afterwards.

Very often, management, higher up, does not see the problem.

There are many examples in which one can see that the directors did not respond when they explained that their leader was surely psychopath. It is difficult for management to accept that we have misjudged, and that employee has a psychopath on permanent ... which can be expensive to return.

There are still examples of a chief executive who returned psychopathic tendencies. For this simple reason, it should perhaps not give up:
Ask the personnel department to do a survey (even more) and speak with employees to see if the problems of a service can come in right, and not employees.

If you want to change it, you can expect to have to fight long and hard. It may be playable, but is what the game worth the candle? If you see that the service staff or management does not respond and do not see a problem, this fairly quickly, over a period of say about a year, then try to find something else or changing service. If enough people leave, it may be that management responds.

The most important thing you and your mental health. It's your move. Do not expect to be in shreds before taking appropriate action. If your boss is a psychopath, you can never change it, the situation will never improve.

The chief psychopath:

* Beau speaker
* Charming
* Interesting
* Narcissistic
* Manipulator
* Controlling
* Mythomaniac
* Hatred, revenge attacks are common
* Lack of sense of responsibility

What you can do if you have a psychopathic leader:

* Document all conflicts
* Do not become a victim
* Do not use
* Avoid conflicts
* Find something else in the meantime
* Make no mistake
* Do not count on any help from anyone.

The Myth Of Teen Brain

In several journals, they are an extension of science or for professionals, we read that the developing brain of the adolescent is the primary reason for emotional problems and irresponsible behavior of teens. Very often, these articles are based on studies of brain activity, for example, one can see that adults and adolescents use their brains differently.

But even if the various technologies can provide important information on the brain, it is dangerous to believe that pictures of brain activity in certain brain regions give us reliable information to analyze the reasons for our thoughts, our emotions and our behavior.

The fact is that we know that the brain is shaped by genes, yes, but also by social influences and none of the experiments so far can not prove that the brain activity of teens is the cause of their problems and not the result of influences.

Instead, several data indicate that the belief that the problems come from their adolescent brain development is a myth.

This myth is another myth, bigger, announcing that teens are incompetent and irresponsible.

This idea is quite old, it has been stated by psychologist G. Stanley Hall in 1904 when he published the book "Adolescence."

To state this theory, Hall was based on a biological theory popular at the time ... subsequently proven false.

On the one hand, Hall, who was American, was based on adolescents who were in the U.S. in the industrial revolution. It has never been further than the American people when he formed his theories, in part because he believed in the so-called "wrap". The summary is a biological theory according to which the development of the individual copied the development of the overall progress. So for Hall, adolescence was a stage "wild" or "pygmy" in human evolution.

But already in 1930, the recapitulation theory was proven false and abandoned, but some psychologists and much of the general public, have never known anything.

For many (professional or otherwise), adolescence is necessarily related to problems.
Youth and Delinquency

Today in most western countries, we hear the same distress signals: the young are getting younger when they commit crimes and the police are most often confronted with young people, teenagers, and adults.

According to several U.S. studies, the average parent are in conflict with their teens on average 20 times per month, which is huge. It does not seem to be any similar study in France, but I know many who could, unfortunately, give me equivalent figures.

Conflict, drug use, alcohol, the impressive number of suicides, depression and other psychological problems faced by teenagers now indicate a great malaise.

Some schools are more like prison systems (control arms, and other illegal substances) as temples of learning.

But is that such problems are inevitable? Are they really part of everyday life and development of human beings? Already we hear the grandfather told us: "From my time ... it was not like that!" Blame it on TV! "

This is ultimately easily verifiable!

We need only compare the adolescents in different countries around the world because it is a physical disorder, normal development of the biological child, you should find these problems in all regions of the world all the peoples of the world.

In 1991, anthropologist Alice Schegel, University of Arizona and psychologist Herbert Barry III University of Pitsburgh have done research on adolescents from 186 pre-industrial societies.

The findings are revealing.

For example, approximately 60% of these companies have no words to define "adolescence," we are children then adults. The teens spent most of their time with adults, not with other children or adolescents, they learn to become adults.

Virtually none of these teens did not show signs of psychopathology or antisocial behavior in over half of these crops, and only very few symptoms in the other half of these cultures.

More significant still is the series of long-term studies conducted in the 80's by anthropologists Beatrice and John Whiting of Harvard University.

According to them, the problems of adolescence began with the introduction in these societies of Western influence, especially the Western education system as well as television and movies.

Delinquency was such an unknown word Eskimos who lived in Victoria Island (Canada) until the TV arrived in 1980.

In 1988, the Eskimos had been obliged to open its first police station to handle new problems.
These problems are also well known in Greenland, a territory under Danish influence.

Fracture or development?

The various works of historians are entirely consistent with modern observations. For hundreds of years, the transition to adulthood passed without major problems. The teens were not trying to "liberate" or make a break towards adults, but trying to become adults.

This is, after all, fairly recent. It has almost 100 years.

Dr. Robert Epstein has done extensive research on this phenomenon and put his findings in relation to the results of sociological studies, historical, anthropological and others and it is concluded that this problem is the relatively recent result of artificial extension of childhood.

This last century has infantilized and treated young people, growing old as if they were still children. Adolescents remain isolated from adults more and longer, they have models like that of other teenagers, not adults, they are overprotected and treated like children incapable of managing anything up to an advanced age . You can see a direct relationship between teen infantilized and psychological disorders.

Disorders of adolescence are not inevitable problems. Everything indicates that they are a creation of modern Western culture.

But several researchers have yet, by viewing images, explained that there was a difference between the brains of teens and adult brains. Among others, studies of Beatrix Luna, who explains that teens use the resources of the prefrontal cortex in a different way than adults.

There is also Susan F. Tapert, University of California found that adolescents who memorize use a smaller part of the cortex than adults.
Unlike brain?

This work may indicate that there really is something called the adolescent brain until it think twice and we understand two important things.

The first is that most of the changes announced earlier that do not occur during our adolescence. Our brain is constantly changing and the changes during adolescence are part of this process.

For example, Jesus Pujol and colleagues at the University of Barcelona, followed the changes of the corpus callosum of the brain (a massive part that connects the two hemispheres of the brain) over a period of two years in individuals aged 11 to 61.

They found that although the percentage increase in the brain decreases with age, it continued to increase by about 4% per year in their forties (29% against a year for younger subjects).

Other studies indicate that gray matter disappears from the brain. It starts when we are children and much of our adulthood.

In short, these changes are constant.

Furthermore there is no study that has been able to establish a causal relationship between the properties of the brain and problems that teenagers may have.

Of course, one can see that parts of the brain are activated when certain emotions and behaviors, but - and that we learn in class of statistics - correlation is not cause! That is to say that the fact that an area is activated does not mean that it is this area that is the cause of emotion.

This is one that neuroscientist Elliot Valenstein demonstrates in his book Blaming the Brain "(1998).

According to him, we commit a grave error of logic when we accuse the brain at all. Especially when we can not rely on imagery.

Of course, while emotion and behavior will be reflected (or "coded") in brain structure. That is to say that if someone is depressed, lethargic or impulsive, for example, his brain is "wired" so as to reflect this kind of behavior. But these "connections" are not necessarily the cause of behavior.

Considerable research suggests that emotions and behaviors of a person change the anatomy and physiology of the brain (called brain plasticity). Stress causes hypersensitivity of the neurons that produce dopamine. This continues even if these neurons are removed.

Environments rich in sensations produce more neurons that poor environments.

We know perfectly well that meditation, diet, exercise, education and virtually any other mental activity change the brain. A new study shows that smoking changes brain the same way that animals who were given cocaine, heroin or other drugs.

So if teenagers are in trouble, we will find some course materials relevant to these problems in their brain. But do these problems were caused by the brain or is it that these problems have altered the brain?

Or is it that certain factors - like how our culture treats teenagers - have been the cause brain and property that followed?

So if the chaos in the minds of teenagers is not inevitable, and if you can not keep the brain responsible for these evils, what's the solution?

The fact is that adolescents are extremely competent, although they rarely express this competence.

Research performed by Dr. Epstein and Dumas show that teens are very capable, and even as competent as adults on a variety of situations. In addition, a host of long-term studies on intelligence, perceptual abilities and memory function show that teens are often higher than for adults.

The visual accuracy, for example, is the most accurate during adolescence. Incidental memory (the kind that happens automatically and without effort) knows his age of glory at age 12, after it goes down constantly. When we reach 60 years, we're running out of memory incidental, which is why the people of a certain age are some problems in the newest technologies.

The pioneers of intelligence, JC Raven and David Wechsler, based on various intelligence tests, have defined that our intelligence is at its best when we have between 13 and 15, and it continues to decline after this age. Although, of course, expertise and some forms of verbal judgments are preserved throughout life.

Brain size is not necessarily a good indicator for what is the work done inside. In fact, brain volume is at its maximum size when we have 14 years. When we reach 70 years, the size of our brain has decreased so that our brain the same size it was when we had about 3 years.

So size and possibilities are not necessarily related.
A role

We need to rethink the place and role of the youth in society.

Today, as the young prisoner is a separate culture, the culture of adolescence, he learns only by her peers rather than by the people he has become. Isolated from adults and treated as a child, there is nothing surprising that some teens then have a tendency to behave like irresponsible children.

But fortunately we can see that when treating the adolescent as an adult, it changes very rapidly in this direction and take responsibility.

We must quickly stop the charges and the myth of the immature brain of the adolescent and replace all this by treating adolescents as they are: young adults with possibilities.

Food Supplements For A Well-being in everyday life

Food supplements, they are obtained from competent professionals, and built to strict quality control to meet specific standards can be a valuable asset to feel good everyday. Of course, there is no question of taking a disease lightly, and hopefully treat conditions of real concern by means of only a few dietary supplements, without even taking the advice of his doctor. But by showing some reason it can reap the benefits of plants that are now available in forms easy to administer, particularly with regard to dosage. Here are some diseases that can be treated especially well by using some plants now widely available.

Weight Loss

Not to mention disease, except for a few extreme cases within a medical consultation, plants may show allies of choice to lose a few extra pounds. There are complex combining the effects of several different plants, and whose action is real. Thus, the draining effect of green tea or meadowsweet is the number one enemy of cellulite. We can also fight cravings by swallowing a capsule of wrack, a seaweed properties amazing appetite suppressant. Grape pomace, birch, ash and juniper may also be useful.

Heavy legs and traffic problems

This is a condition that affects many people, without that we can really talk about disease. Fortunately, again, plants can be of great help. Thus, red wine, star of dietary supplements to fight against that feeling of heavy legs, owes its action to its high tannin astringent. Other plants commonly used to correct circulation problems, we include witch hazel, sweet clover, butcher's broom, horse chestnut or black currant.


Hypertension is a condition not to be taken lightly. That said, if they have adequate medical supervision, plants can help relieve those who suffer from high blood pressure. A cure of omega 3 is highly recommended, which can involve the benefits of olive, hawthorn or garlic. The latter is also odorless capsules, allowing those who do not appreciate the taste or smell bothered by its very tenacious.


We all know of transient loss of form, which may be due to stress, a change of season or a reduction of immunity. Some plants, such as Goji, are remarkable for boost energy. The antioxidant action of goji can put right the immune system and fight against free radicals. Guarana, acerola, ginseng, ginger, as well as pollen and royal jelly have also a very real action.


Finally, here is a small disaster of winter in which no one escapes, but which could mitigate the effects through some effective tips. Inhalation of eucalyptus nose lead small and large, the juice of one lemon in a cup of hot water with a spoonful of honey will be very helpful, and sage will help fight against infection.

Bonds Natural Products From The Hive: Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly

Today I'll tell you about the health benefits of products from the hive through four books:

Pollen, Alin Caillas: Author, 1959:

This book has 4 inset photo, 2 plates and 10 figures. Alin Callias, an agricultural engineer, tells the reader in this book, to harvest the pollen, dry and keep in good condition.

The book is divided into three parts:


1. Reference sources
2. Different varieties. Distribution
3. Analysis and determination
4. Composition, rich in vitamins and amino acids
5. Practical advice

Part Two:

1. Harvest
2. Conservation
3. Drying
4. Storage
5. Sale

Part Three:

1. Jobs pollen in the diet and dietary
2. How to eat
3. Pollen, miracle food

Thus, in this book, we learn that the pollen can:

* Treated seasonal allergies,
* Improves memory in older people.
Regulates intestinal function *
* Acts against the physical and mental fatigue:
* Strengthens the immune response

Conclusion: This book is intended primarily to beekeeper. Only the last part may be of interest to other readers. The author explains the virtues of pollen and how to eat. It gives us practical advice: make one or more annual cures, consume pollen fasting or just before meals ... etc..

The miracle of royal jelly, Raymond Dubois, Author, 1994, 90 p, 4th edition.

According Alin Callias, the author has collected in this book all the arguments in favor of consumption of royal jelly. This book includes 5 chapters:

1. Living old without growing old
2. The great secret of the Beehive
3. Royal jelly, super-food of choice
4. The skin as a mirror of health
5. Hope!

Royal jelly is a scarce commodity. It is assumed that in the most favorable conditions, a hive can produce 10 to 15 grams of jelly per year. the cost is therefore relatively high. Royal jelly is to be consumed by the sick, the afflicted, the anxious, hypertensive, convalescents.

Conclusion: This book sheds light on the virtues of royal jelly. The author also gives practical advice to consume it. I find it easy to read, clear, precise. I recommend it.

Three Treasures Health, Henri LAPELLEGERIE, Jacques Grancher edition, 1977, 248 pages, good condition:

A beekeeper collecting established on the plateaus of the Hollow, said he could observe the bees, their life and they give the best for men's health. The book is divided into two main parts, themselves divided into several chapters:

Part I: nuisances of modern life

1. Live healthy
2. Food doubtful
3. Other foods to eliminate
4. Pollution
5. the reason for the poor quality of our food
6. the bee, from antiquity to the present
7. Environment
8. conclusion

Part Two:

1. Honey: its origin, composition, utilization, benefits, different qualities of honey
2. Royal Jelly
3. Pollen: its origin, composition, consume pollen, the miraculous effects of pollen, pollen and protaste
4. the Three Treasures Health

Already in 1977, Henry Lapellegerie, beekeeper, complained of adverse effects of pollution, pesticides on our health and that of bees. Then he exhibited the virtues of honey, royal jelly and pollen. It gives practical advice to consume these products. I enjoyed reading this book. It reads easily and simply explains the facts.

The remedies in the hive, Dr. Roch Domerego Dr. Gaëlle Imbert, Christian Blanchard editions Alphen, 2007, 96 pages, very good condition.

This book is divided into five main parts:

Part One: The world of bees
Second part: the hive products
Part Three: medicine bees daily
Part Four: Apitherapy, disease by disease
Part V: Treatment of the future?

This book, much more recent than the previous ones, is the most comprehensive on the subject. The authors of the overview and knowledge of the properties of honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly. Each chapter is two pages, which outlines the authors, explains the facts. They go to the essentials. I think the book is indispensable for a first approach apitherapy and benefits of bee products.

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano: The Spa To Heal The Body And Mind

The Roman baths could be real monumental buildings, whether they were for the rich, or smaller buildings to the mob, but nobody was excluded: they were considered an asset for all. At first they were built around natural springs of thermal waters, and they were built in the same city, when the heating techniques have been improved.

The Roman thermal structure included several areas: frigidarium, and tepidarium calidarium. The frigidarium was part of the spa where we bathed in cold water in pools, which were usually rectangular, facing north and with few windows to avoid solar heating where possible. Frigidarium after we went to the caldarium, where the temperature was moderate and somewhat heated air currents which ran beneath the ground, raised by "suspensura" small brick pillars on which rested the floor that allowed the airflow. Finally, we went to calidarium in which it is believed that the temperature was around 50 ° C: in practice, it was part of the sauna and was directed south to operate the heat of the sun, and was heated through " suspensura "as caldarium, and walls.

The Romans used to make perfumes and spicy wine into water, and using scented oils for massage, to perfume and moisturize the skin, similar to what we do today in saunas in which we often use aromatic wood, and during the massage, which is used, as in antiquity, perfume oils.

The Roman baths were a social, hygienic and curative thermal baths today have roughly the same goals: they can be a meeting place, but are mainly used to purify the body of impurities that absorb at cause of smog, and to treat rheumatism, joint pain and respiratory problems, whether temporary or chronic. For the joints and bone pain usually mud therapy is widely used: the sludge is applied at a temperature between 40 and 45 ° C and then usually you drink beverages that are used to compensate for mineral loss caused by sweating, Taking baths in thermal water and we do massages.

The baths are very useful for post-surgical rehabilitation and post-traumatic stress: their healing properties are very beneficial in these cases and in cases of rheumatism. Spa treatments may follow inhalation therapy or therapy, they are usually accompanied by massages, and are useful for treating diseases and musculoskeletal problems, respiratory and muscle. But there is also another area where the baths are considered useful: the trigger. A few days at the spa, or even just one day, gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself completely in the care of your body, eliminating the worries and everyday problems with a body treatment that proves to be an excellent anti-stress.

Use The Best To Cure Your Impotence Pills

People have sex to feel love and enjoy the warmth of long-term relationships. However, when someone feels unhappy and dissatisfied with his sex life, it seems that the world is over for this personne.Par Therefore, it is always best to be careful with erectile dysfunction (ED) and get the best treatment terms of medicines to solve this problem has always .. In some people, ED occurs due to hormonal imbalance in some people while it occurs because of mental depression and physical overwork. Each time someone takes a lot of nervous, reproductive systems of the body malfunctions and this leads to a low level of blood pressure in the male organ. Therefore, low numbers of blood vessels do not support the natural stimulation and thus people feel some symptoms in their bodies. To do this, tadalafil is a moleculeideale to cure low blood cell count in the male body.

Buy Apcalis Jelly contains laboratory tested and certified medical herbs which increase blood levels and gives a person a feeling of freshness. Tadalafil is a very efficient molecule Apcalis jelly containing 20 mg of Kamagra. However, before buying this product, it is wise to do a little survey about your current physical and mental health .. Although there are no real cons, indications, however, you may have minor side effects if you take it in circumstances not recommended. Apcalis jelly is called weekender pill so he should not confuse the names.

If you plan to buy Apcalis jelly Vouzas must have certain things in mind as this drug takes just 30 minutes to start working and the effect of this jelly can last 24 to 36 hours. It is best not to take this medication if you already use a treatment with the attribute of nitrate. This weekender pill is strong market demand and is selling like hotcakes. You can make use of this drug almost anywhere. It is completely safe for all age groups if certain precautions are taken care of.

Drugs To Enhance The Sexual Power In The Traitan Erectile Dysfunction

Have you tired of taking treatment for erectile dysfunction and cons of using medication more enliven your sex life. Well try various pillulles kamagra consisting of a large collection of tablets certified to restore your normal rate of blood to cure impotence. Your inability to make a potential link not only creates a mental depression, but also disrupts your relationship causing several issues to further relations humaines.En addition, because of ED, you must have some physical symptoms such as headache head-, dizziness, muscle aches and stomach problems. After analyzing the pharmaceutical market, you may find that the availability of the collection of drug kamagra cheap is a gift from God for you. This is available to you to manage your erectile dissatisfaction.

In addition Eriacta is a pill known for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This treatment is a combination of 100 mg of sildenafil citrate and is a super powerful version of kamagra. This pill comes in the shape of diamond and is available in different quantities and combinations to address dissatisfaction sexuelle.Pour Eriacta use, you can swallow this pill orally with water according to the instructions given. After about 60 minutes, it begins to improve penile blood flow and makes you feel like you rejuvenate with this force.

Aurogra is another pill to treat impotence and it comes in a strip of ten tablets. It removes physical barriers coming into the path of blood monitoring in the nerves. Its function is to increase the blood when a man is sexually stimulated and ready to ride. It still contains an active compound sildanafil citrate. Aurogra is absorbed by blood from 30 to 60 minutes and began immediately implemented. It should not take more than one tablet within 24 hours.

Lovegra is an oral drug designed to improve blood circulation. A minimum dose of 23 mg is sufficient for a young man. Lovegra helps maintain the erection during intercourse sexuels.Toutefois, if someone wants to take more than one tablet, do not exceed the amount of more than 100 mg per 24 hour interval, as it can be dangerous for patients with deficiencies rénalles.

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